Wednesday, November 10, 2010


when i was at university, i was attending many clubs and meetings wýth in school or outside at civil organizations. Once I was invited to a meeting where an american specialist had visited the our organization and they needed some crowd. I of them. When I walked into the roomm thinking I was late, i was excited a litle and my nipples became so hard that i was not able to keep them unrecognized and tried to think that as it was not because i was sexually aroused i shoul pss in silence...i saw him. He was a huge man with a wide smile on his face and very attractive with a white shirt on his jeans. I concetrated on the guest - the american- and had no chance to talk to Him . Then He met me at a public meeting. I was sitting around a table with many people and we were listening to a speech the same day. He was sitting next to me. This was the time i was seeing him. He started to ask questions to me and we became sort of friends.. Then I started to see him several times in the building or in the meetings and we started dating out and were going for movies. I was visiting him at his place occasionally and we were drinking wine, watching TV and having talks. Every each time I was feeling butterflies in my stomach but I didnot know how to send a 'signal' to him. One night he gave me a call around midnight saying that he was not able to stop himself thinking of me. I asked him why and how.. HE told me that he was sitting on the couch (against the TV) naked and he was playing with him self. .. i was exhausted.. i felt instantly wet just because of his voice tonne and the words he was spelling on the phone.. he was holding his cock in his hand and it was so hard that it was even aching and he was dreaming of me like the first time he had seen me with hard nipples under my t-shirt with my brunette shiny skin which looked like begging for sucking and he was putting his tongue around my nipples hearing me joy and pressing with his lips touching with his teeth a little hurt and than sucking until i feel like comin.. I was listening to him in excitement, with heart beats in my pussy and i was about to come..that was was just a voice on the line yet... he was breathing faster and faster and i was hearing him masturbating..he was continiously screaming my name.. he reached a peak where i also did with hot juicy was leaking between my legs.. he said we should have been together on a bed at that time..he said i should have been there..i knew... but i was not able.. The next day i ran to him..First give him a call around noon time and asked if i could see him but he was occupied and told me to meet him early in the evening at his place.. by the way he 0 yrs old... As i ring his bell, few minutes before the time we should meet,he opened up the door again in his white shirt and bluejeans.. We set as usual, start having wine and a general chat... I couldnot stop myself from sayingwhy he never tried to get me all this time i was meeting him at his flat... he told me that i was a guest invited for serious talks and friendship and he didnot want to cause a wrong thing by trying to touch me even in words.. so he was caring until the last night that he was about to go crazy about me and masturbated himself... pointing the couch he said to me : that is where you were killing me/hurting melast night.. i smiled.. than he grabbed me in his arms and started a deep french kiss with his lively tongue making rounds in my deep mouth.. i kissed him deep too.. he made me feel great last night so i would maneuvre him tonight to pay back. While we were kissing i took off my t-shirt and my bra. My breast were denying their heaviness and my nipples were waiting to be sucked. I directed his face onto my breasts..he ated them.. just as he described last night he licked and sucked them.. i was not able to wait more to see his dick..i took his pants off.. and i reached him.. thick.. length is nothing.. a real cock is a thick one.. i took it into my mouth and sucked until he begged for a real fuck.. i have never been fucked before. i had boy friends and we were not going deep in sex yet.. but i wanted him to fuck me.. he was a real man experienced.. he licked my bottom..he licked my pussy.. i was leaking.. moved him on to the coach as if he was seeting at a meeting and then i climbed on top of him and started to position myself directly on his was a real thick one that i was feeling that my pussy was getting tightened and i was feeling him at every alive point inside of me..Hewas holding both of my nipples in his mouth while i was going up and down on him.. it was hurting a little but it was something i had never felt again upto now that i was feeling like a real thing after all.. He yelled at me..-are you fucking me girl? you are fucking me... after you finish i will fuk you in the mouth.. i will fuck you in the ass..i will fuck you again and again.. umh.. we both came together.. all his nasty words made me go crazy and i came twice.. Every time i met him after or everytimehe gave me a call even he was overseas and we had thousands of kilometers in between us it was always a guaranteed perfect orgasm with him... But the magic had an end.. He left for a job in la and I had to stay here and couldnot arrange to go together with him.. We decided to brake up. I was expecting him to find a solution or to make an offer for a common future for us.. He was not married so he could offer marriage to me..Even the day I drove him to the Airport I was expecting this but he told me not to go inside together with him as this would be a big pain to him. I kissed him and left him there.. Half an hour later I came back to the airport and gave the Envelope (in which I tped a letter about my feelings towards him and some sexy sentences to make his hours of flight easy and entertaining) to the flight operator to be given to him in the aircraft. No letters, no e-mails.. As the months past I started dating somebody else and decided to get married.. Than one day he gave me a call and said that he would be returning for a short holiday. He came and we again met eachother at his place.. He said after thinking a lot he wanted me for his life and he came back to talk about this.. but he was late... when i told him about this he got red colourin his face..long story sorry..what happened is i married another man. a nice man but i never had the frequency i had with my phone lover.. if he had a good timing we could have a different fortune..

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