Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The BEST best friend

My first s of high school were horrible. I was a tall, lanky, nerdy underclassman. Not real nerdy, but I was a good student. I had friends, but not the "in" crowd. I wasnt picked on much, I guess because of my height. I -0 as a freshman and 6-4 when I graduated. I didnt have a girlfriend until my senior year and my only action up to that point was jerking off to some porn or spying on my older sister and her friends, but I wont get into that. My junior year I shot up to 6-3 and the basketball coach got me to try out. I did so, looking to lose my nerdy image and made the team. I didnt play much, but I did meet someone who changed my life. Her name was Myia and she was a freshman cheerleader. The varsity team was short a few girls, so some underclassman were filling in. Myia was black and beautiful. Actually she /4 black, she reminded me her mother was 1/2. She was short and curvey, probably 5-3, 120 pounds, most of it coming from her 34d tits. She approached me in the library one day and I discovered she was a gifted student as well, and wasnt really in the "in" crowd either. We became best friends immediately. We hung out alot that year but never was it physical. I admit I spanked my tool many times to the image of her naked. At the beginning of my senior year, we both got web cams for our computers and we began talking nightly. Mostly just talking about other people at school, or news topics. Boring stuff. Then one friday night I logged on and found her online. She turned on her camera and to my surprise, I found her sitting in a tiny tank top. Her tits sitting up like a pair of cantalopes. I was hard right away. She told me her mom was gone and she was bored. She invited me over, which is nothing unusual, but I had a funny feeling our friendship was about to change. When I arrived, she opened the door still wearing the same outfit. Her firm belly was exposed and the skirt she had on revealed her tone thighs and round plump ass. She had a beer in her hand and handed me one too. I never knew she drank and she told me she doesnt, but tonight she felt like rebelling. I had drank a few times myself, trying to fit in with the team. We went downstairs and grabbed a seat on the couch. We threw in a movie and turned down the lights. An hour into the movie, she told me she was cold and she grabbed a blanket. She moved closer to me and covered us both. I could feel her cold thigh next to mine. Another half hour went by and she was cuddled up next to me. She said the movie was scary, but I didnt care what her reason was. I could feel my cock start to swell and I worried she would feel it. just then, something unexpected happened in the movie and she jumped. Her hand landed on my thigh and she didnt move it. Within minutes, she was feeling inside my shorts, then into my boxers. I was hard as a rock and she wrapped her tiny fingers around my shaft and began stroking me. We didnt say a word for about 2 minutes, then I cam in my pants. She looked up and smiled and then began unzipping my shorts. She kneeled down on the ground between my legs and lowered my shorts. Then my boxers. She grabbed my sticky wet shaft and began licking me from top to bottom. She cleaned me up and then asked me if I thought she was pretty. I told her that my bonner should answer that. She smiled and stood up. With the TV behind her, she appeared almost as a siloutte. She lifted up her tank top and revealed her bare tits. They were extremely firm and round, no sagging what so ever. She squeezed them and rounded her nipples before slidding her hands into her boxers and lowering them. She was wearing a thong, which appeared before my eyes when she turned, bent over and sliped her boxers off. She turned back and told me she always had a crush on me but she didnt think I would be interested because she was black. wrong. This girl was awesome, in every way. I told her so and she jumped right on my. straddling my waist, we kissed passionately for a long time. I could feel my cock brush her wet cunt and inbetween her buns. Then she stopped kissing me and told me she wanted to feel me inside her. I was ready, I didnt know how long I would last, but I seen enough movies that I knew what to do. I first told her to kneel over the couch and I removed her thong. I then spread her cheeks and began licking her pussy. With my nose buried in her ass, my tongue found her swollen clit and teased it. She was moaning and talking dirty to me.....words I could have never imagined coming from this innocent mouth. I began fingering her pussy and she told me to stick it in. I kneeled behind her and guided my cock into her snatch. The feeling was incredible, soft and warm, tight and deep. I grabbed hold of her sides and began pounding away. It became appearant that my prior orgasm was going to allow me to last longer and I was stoked. I wanted to hit it every which way. I could feel her hand on her clit, then caressing my balls. We switched to me laying on the couch and she rode me, my hands supporting her tits so they didnt knock her ass out. I squeezed and pinched, sucked on her nipples while she gyrated on my cock. Then I did her standing up, me on top and then back to doggie style. She had already orgasmed and told me she wanted to make me cum again. Then she told me to fuck her in her ass. My cock was plenty wet from her cunt so I began fingering her ass with two fingers to loosen her up. I stuck it in slowly and she moaned aloud. I was able to work every inch in and began ounding her again. After a few minutes I was pumping a hot load into her hole. We collapsed and cuddled the rest of the night. We have been going steady now for s, even though I am now attending a near by college which she plans to attend next fall. The sex is great, her body keeps getting better and we are in love.

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